Transform your user experience with Colorful workflow statuses and buttons

Getting started

📖 Getting started

Available at marketplace

Color Workflow | Atlassian Marketplace

Empower your Jira Workflows with Colors

Give your workflow an easily understood meaning, let the colors reflect what the current status is.

Let them statuses pop out ​

Feel the status colors in your Jira service management queues, let the requests that matter pop out

Feel the colors Everywhere​

In Issue View, Issue Search, Jira Queues, Issue move, Dashboard. Colors will be your companion

Easily change status colors

With ready colors, just click the drawdown and preview the status in every color. Choose with a click


Need more help?

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Start with Bootstrap 4 colors or Build your own

With the ability to add colors from Bootstrap , you have access to the most known 7 colors to end users

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